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Our Story

Garia Games team has over 10+ years of experience in building games for the casino industry. Our expertise in developing game mechanics for card games together with having a insight into what player needs - gives us a distinct competitive advantage.

Our Vision

To be the single largest developer of regional card games globally. With over 1000+ card game variants played in different regions across the globe - there will be a Garia game for all card game lovers!


At the heart of all our games is the "Garia Game Engine" - a cross platform card game engine that enables us to develop, test and launch high quality card games at blistering speed.


Our Games



Tonk, also known as Tunk is a kind of knock rummy card game enjoyed by thousands of card players in the USA. The Tonk League game has all the rules of the original tonk (trunk) card game and exciting multiplayer game play online.


Gin Rummy

Are you a ROOKIE or PRO or CHAMPION Gin Rummy player?? Find out when you join the Gin Rummy League and play with Gin Rummy players all around the US, UK and Australia!


Teresa M - Gin Rummy League



"Love this game it has a nice smooth play and relaxed feel to it, thanks makers of this game.😎 👍"

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